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Q: When was AZZA founded and what is its area of expertise?
A: AZZA is founded in 1999. We specialized in motherboards at its inception since 1999. We have then expanded into many other computer hardware areas. In particular, we have many years of experience with computer cases, power supplies and other components, actively participated from their original design phase, then to production, and eventually to the marketing and distribution phases. Jumpstarted with the Vision to build a premier corporate company that consistently exceeds the managed expectations of our customers and team members, AZZA is driven by the Mission to develop superior products aimed at the gamers segment with innovative design and sophisticated performance at ultra-affordable prices.
Q: Who are AZZA’s partners/sponsors?
A: AZZA’s established partners/sponsors include elite companies such as Cyberpower and Ibuypower…
Q: Does AZZA accept phone, email or fax orders?
A: No, we do NOT directly sell to end-users, please order AZZA products from one of our authorized retailers/partneres, including,, MicroCenter, CyberPower,
Q: Does AZZA really donate 50% of its net profit to non-profit organizations.
A:Yes, AZZA donates 50% of its net profit to World Vision to help the children who are in need of help with food, nutrition and education. For further info, please visit
Q: Is AZZA HURRICAN a mis-spelling ?
A: The spelling of Hurrican is a variation of Hurricane, the final “e” is purposedly omitted. Also, Hurrican (also Huracan) was a Mayan god of wind, storm, fire and one of the creator deities who participated in all three attempts at creating humanity. This was the original inspiration for naming our latest gaming case.
Q: What CPU coolers can fit in the AZZA Solano 1000 and Helios 910 case with the side fan on?
A: Almost all round-type CPU coolers can fit in these two case. For the tower-type CPU cooler, the maximum size these two cases can accommodate is 150mm.
Q: What is the maximum size of the water-cooling system radiator that can fit in Solano 1000 and Helios 910?
A: Solano 1000 can take up to the size of 120x240mm radiator, Helios 910 can take up to 120mmx120mm radiator.
Q: What is the maximum size of the VGA card that can fit in the Solano 1000 and Helios 910?
A: Both cases can accommodate up to 325mm (ATI 5970) VGA card.
Q: Can I take the Solano 1000 side fan out and leave the fan grill on?
A: Yes, you can take off the side fan and just leave the fan grill on.
Q: How to buy additional/replacement fans for AZZA case?
A: You can buy them from AZZA customer service department. Please you’re your purchase request to
Q:Does AZZA carry 80+ certified power supply?
A: Yes, please visit, there listed 7 AZZA power supply models that received the 80+ certification.
Q:When using the Easy-Swap function to install or swap the HDD on the HURRICAN 2000 case, do I need to turn off the computer?
A: Yes, you MUST turn off the computer when you use the Easy-Swap function on the HURRICAN 2000 case.
Q: what’s the maximum size of CPU cooler that can fit in the HURRICAN 2000 case?
A: HURRICAN 2000 can take the tower-type CPU cooler up to 360mm.
Q: Does Hurrican 2000’s easy swap function support sATA 3.0?
A: Yes, it does support sATA 3.0