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XT 1

The Nova 8000 is designed to provide easy installation without compromising any of its aesthetics. Its swing open side door is not only pleasing to the eyes, but also practical for easy access to your parts.
The greatest thing about the Nova 8000 is its ability to accommodate all kinds of ATX inside its interior.

The AZZA MTAZ-24-FS is a 24" revolutionary LED monitor that packs the most desirable features into one affordable model. With AMD's Freesync Technology, you no longer have to suffer from breaks in your gaming experience due to screen tearing. Using FreeSync along with its ultra-fast 1ms response time and 144hz refresh rate, screen transition has never been so smooth. Gamers no longer need to suffer the wretched screen tears or choppy displays. And all of this is brought to you through FullHD 1080p display. The smooth transition and stunning details of the AZZA MTAZ-24-FS will draw you in.

Spartan 101E/102E

The Taurus 5000 is the first of a series of new cases for AZZA’s new concept. The Taurus 5000 is a full-tower case that boasts a removable HDD cage and screw-less design for easy access. The newest feature added to the Taurus 5000 is the RGB LED lights lining the side window. The black and white finish makes the Taurus a classy case, while the RGB lights give it a modern kick. The Taurus 5000 makes for a refined chassis in your setup, but packs a wild wallop.


AZZA (USA) Technology is excited to introduce 4 new additions to our line of exceptional cases. This month, we are rolling two new full-tower cases, the Nova 8000 and the Zen 8100. Like many AZZA cases, these two models share our passion for excellence. Both holding the ability to accommodate all ATX forms and large VGA cards, these two cases still vastly differ in design, offering the user a myriad of choices in style and in color.
Along with these two full-towers, AZZA is also introducing a new mini-ITX, the Stealth 105. This bold new model is not just for looks; it is one of the few mini-ITX models that will fit a normal-sized PSU.
Last but not least, the mid-tower Cosmas 208S is designed with the purpose of providing an easy-to-build case for the casual gamer. However, this does not stop the case from looking great on any surface and still pack a solid punch in the field of mid-tower cases.


AZZA (USA) Technology is proud to introduce our new mouse and keyboard, the Poseidon ( and the Diabo(
Our Poseidon keyboard comes with customizable red key illuminations and 7 multimedia shortcuts for various functions. The Poseidon includes an accelerator key to adjust the gear speeds and a lock button to prevent the WIN key from interrupting game play. All of this is wrapped up in a design made for user comfort.
The Diablo mouse provides optical click precision and speed thanks to the 2400 DPI SPCP168A optical sensor. The Diablo also features a leather-touch, ultra-comfort surface that lets you game for long hours without hand fatigue.


AZZA (USA) Technology is proud to launch a new, full tower case, the Genesis 9000. The Genesis 9000 has NINE 5.25" tool-less drive bays and five 3.5" or 2.5" internal drive bays with pull-out trays (two are Easy Swap). The case has 9 expansion slots, and it supports motherboard form factors as large as XL-ATX.
Highlights of some of the more special features:
•Reversible ATX:
Reversible motherboard tray can be rotated 180 degrees to orient graphics cards at the top of the chassis to enhance the efficiency of heat dissipation.
•Vertical Air:
An ideal vertical airflow is generated to offer exceptional system cooling: with the power supply installed at the front bottom, 2x140mm bottom fans blast cool air upward with the heat exhausted via the 2x230mm top fans.
•Dual PSU compatible.
•480mm water-cooling radiator ready.
•Easy Swap HDD/SSD bays.

- Azza (USA) Technology is very excited to introduce 2 new computer cases, the Fusion 3000 and Fusion 4000. The Fusion 3000 is a full tower case with 10 expansion slots for XL-ATX motherboards and can accommodate water cooling radiators of up to 480mm. Encompassing all the features of the 3000, the Fusion 4000 comes in a unique, dual ITX/XL-ATX system supertower; with each partitions of the case get its own separate external drive bays, internal drive trays, and power supply mounts.
- The Fusion 4000 has already received the “Tom’s Hardware Approved” status: “Add the normally-pricey feature of backplane-support for eight 3.5” and four 2.5” drives, and Azza’s quoted MSRP appears UNBELIEVABLY LOW.” Please read the full Reviews on Tom’s Hardware
- The Fusion 3000 is "Highly Recommended" by ProClockers. Please read the full review here
- The Fusion 3000 received a 4.0/5 rating and was awarded the “Highly Recommended Award” for outstanding performance. Please read the full review here.
- The Fusion 4000 has received the Device Unknown's Excellence Award. Please read the full review here
- TweakTown has awarded the Fusion 3000 their "Must Have Best Features Award!" Please read the full review here