尺寸:86mm x 150mm x 190mm(HxWxD)

顏色:黑色 / 白色


*Intel ATX12V v 2.4 and EPS 2.92 compliant

* 80PLUS® Platinum Certified

* Universal AC input from 115-240V

* Full-bridge topology along with an LLC resonant converter design

* Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors

* High reliability 105˚C Japanese Capacitors

* The advanced VRM technology with excellent Voltage Regulation

* Active power factor correction 99% PF Typical

* Massive single 12V rail for maximum and efficient power distribution

* Complete protection: over current, over voltage, over power, under voltage and short circuit protections.

* Intelligent fan speed control make the fan adept for any user’s circumstance.

* 13.5cm extremely silent fan with high reliable dual ball bearing

* High current terminals to decrease conduction loss and tight voltage regulation

* Multi-GPU technologies supported

  • 80 Plus Platinum Certified To Deliver Over
    92% Efficiency

  • ① M/B connector – for main board used only
    ② CPU & PCI-E – for CPUs or PCI-E used
    ③ Peripheral & SATA – for HDD, optical drives, and all other internal device
    ④ PCI-E – for graphics cards which can be used as 6 PIN or 8 PIN